Eli Roth to Possibly Direct David O. Russell Horror Film

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Eli Roth to Possibly Direct David O. Russell Horror Film

In a new interview on The Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable writer and director David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook) revealed that he has a stack of screenplays waiting to be produced.

Russell explained that he wrote the films while taking a break from directing after the release of his film I Heart Huckabees. Among those untouched screenplays exists a horror film that Russell wrote and Eli Roth might direct.

“I wrote a couple of things that someone might make, Eli Roth may actually do one, I wrote a horror a few years ago,” Russell said during the discussion. “Well it’ll be coupled with Eli Roth, that’s exciting to me. Cause I had to write to support myself. So I wrote a horror for producer Colleen Camp, a horror film that I thought was interesting. And Eli thinks its interesting. I think he’s going to make it more interesting. It’s emotional, it’s also… we’ll see. It’s also…I don’t wanna say anything more, I’ll let Eli talk about it.”

Russell’s next film American Hustle—starring Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams—is out Dec. 18.