Guided by Voices Drummer Addresses Recent Drum Auction Controversy

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Guided by Voices Drummer Addresses Recent Drum Auction Controversy

A few weeks ago, Guided by Voices drummer Kevin Fennell posted an auction to eBay to sell the band’s original drum kit. The kit was given a starting bid of $55,000, which Fennell hoped could pay for his children’s college education. Soon after the news of his auction broke, a back-and-forth erupted on Facebook when the official Guided by Voices Facebook page read that Fennell was “no longer in the band.” Email correspondence between Fennell and frontman Robert Pollard found its way to Facebook, revealing that Pollard was livid with his drummer and elected to fire him from the band.

Which brings us to today. In an interview with Consequence of Sound’s Sami Jarroush, Fennell asserted that he had resigned from the band before Pollard supposedly fired him.

“If you look at the email exchange,” Fennell told the Rock It Out! Blog, “I resigned on Friday night and he fired me on Saturday morning. I didn’t realize you could be fired after you resigned.”

Fennell said it had become increasingly difficult to stick with the band and his day job at the same time, especially since the band’s touring schedule had come to a screeching halt in 2013. He passed up a teaching gig at Ohio St. University in order to tour with the band.

“To do two shows a year, I can do that on vacation time,” Fennell said.

The decision to sell the drums wasn’t easy, but Fennell says he had to find a way to make ends meet. Although there isn’t a new eBay listing for the kit, Fennell is willing to accept an offer for the drums even if it isn’t at his initial price of $55,000. As for patching up his differences with Pollard, Fennell can only hope for the best.

“He didn’t want to ever hear from me again,” he said, concluding that “it would seem a shame that it would end like this.” You can watch the interview in full above.