Hans Zimmer Writes Theme Song for 'Batkid'

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Hans Zimmer Writes Theme Song for 'Batkid'

Five-year-old leukemia patient and Batman fan Miles Scott received one of the most spectacular displays of the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s outreach on Friday when San Francisco received over 11,000 volunteers to turn the city into a giant Gotham. The lengths to which the city went to make Scott’s dream a reality were a true testament to the city’s selflessness, and now Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer has announced via his own theme song for ‘Batkid.’

“Hans did write a score for Batkid,” Zimmer’s publicist Rae Murillo confirmed. “We’re not yet sure when or how the music will be incorporated, but I do know that there are different elements and surprises being rolled out as the day progresses, so we’re just waiting to see how the music is going to be used.”

Zimmer scored the music for the entire Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Though he hasn’t heard Zimmer’s material yet, Murillo assured that a public stream will eventually be made available.