Lady Gaga to Sell ARTPOP Through H&M

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Lady Gaga to Sell <i>ARTPOP</i> Through H&M

Photo via Interscope Records

H&M has collaborated with celebrities and designers alike, but their newest partnership isn’t about designing. The Swedish brand is opening up its new Times Square location a couple of days after the release of Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP, and the two are teaming to cross-promote. The album will be sold in 175 H&M chains across America.

It makes sense. Retail stores from Urban Outfitters to Whole Foods are selling music among their wares these days, and the convenience of buying music while shopping for new winter boots appeals to the consumer who could otherwise buy the album with a click of a mouse from iTunes.

Gaga will make an appearance at the opening of the Times Square shop Nov. 14. Whether she will arrive via flying dress has yet to be determined.

Via Vogue