Of Monsters and Men Talk The Hunger Games Soundtrack, Progress on LP2

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The second installment in the Hunger Games film trilogy boasts a soundtrack that features several highly acclaimed musicians, and Icelandic indie band Of Monsters and Men is the latest to jump on board. Upon wrapping up their summer tour, which included performances at a few international music festivals, the band announced that they would be contributing a track called “Silhouettes” to the star-studded soundtrack.

According to frontman Ragnar Þórhallsson, the band chose to become involved because several members were fans of the Hunger Game books, which they started reading while on tour.

“I don’t read a lot, but I decided to read these,” Þórhallsson said in an interview with Paste, noting that he has already finished the first two books in the trilogy. “I thought it was a good story. I saw the first movie, and it’s pretty good — does the book justice.”

Though he remarked that he didn’t particularly like many main characters, he added that he couldn’t help but root for them, especially as he watched the film adaptation. Band members began to brainstorm ideas for the song they would contribute while still on tour, bouncing suggestions off of one another and working with film producers on demos of the track that would later become “Silhouettes.”

In addition to working on their contribution to the soundtrack for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, the band has also begun thinking about and developing the follow-up album to their highly acclaimed 2011 debut My Head is an Animal.

Þórhallsson commented that the band hopes to soon finish writing songs for their new album, which they aim to record during the summer and release before next Christmas. Despite the critical and commercial success that My Head is an Animal received, he noted that the band is trying not to put too much pressure on themselves while making the second album.

“What we did with the first album was just write songs, and I think we want to do that again and not think about things too much,” he said. “Things will happen when they happen and hopefully the second will be better, and if not, we will just release a record that makes us happy.”

Watch Of Monsters and Men Live from the Paste Ruins at Newport Folk over at Daytrotter.

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