Scotland Whips Up World's Strongest Beer...Again

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Remember last year when a small brewery in Scotland created Armageddon, the world’s strongest beer with a 65 percent ABV? The same brewers have outdone themselves and created another, stronger beer coming in at a stout 67.5 percent ABV. Because a 65 percent ABV beer is for pansies.

The new beer, charmingly dubbed Snake Venom, is more potent than most whiskey and uses peat-smoked malt (common to Scotch), beer yeast and champagne yeast, as well as an ice fermentation process—all of which help provide the brew’s extra kick.

How does it taste? I don’t know. And it’ll cost 50 pounds (or $81 in real money) to get a bottle, so I’ll probably never find out. Still, it’s comforting to know that something like Snake Venom is out there. Kind of like Hummers. You’re probably never gonna drive one, but it’s nice to know there’s a car capable of running over a building. You know, just in case.

Get your bottle of Snake Venom at Brewmeister.

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