Star Wars Fans: Watch Jar Jar Binks DIE (Yeah, Seriously)

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According to Uproxx, via the people at Reddit, this is a deleted scene from Episode 1: The Phantom Menace that shows Jar Jar Binks plummeting to his death over a waterfall. Do I really need to sell this any harder? YOU GET TO WATCH JAR JAR BINKS DIE! CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON!


Man, he’s even annoying in death, isn’t he?

Anyway, the entire scene makes very little sense, and there’s no real explanation why Binks just sits there instead of shimmying to freedom. Also, I’m not sure he actually died. Still, it’s satisfying to hear his high-pitched yips vanish into the watery abyss. Goodbye, Jar Jar!

On the other hand, if this were a real clip, what was George Lucas thinking if he deleted this scene? The man has always been a terrible writer, but he finally penned a masterpiece! This is like Da Vinci Michelangelo (Author’s Note: I’m an idiot) taking white-out to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, except if Da Vinci was normally an awful painter. Why, George?? This could have changed everything!

P.S. not really, the movie would have sucked anyway.

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