TV on the Radio Officially Working on Fifth Album

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After two years of speculation, TV on the Radio has officially confirmed that a new album is in the works.

The band announced last Friday, Nov. 8, on their Facebook page that they were indeed working on a new record. “Time to let the cat out of the bag: We’re working on a new record. Right this very moment. Meow, y’all,” the post read alongside a picture of their home studio.

TV on the Radio  announced last year that they had parted ways with their former label Interscope. Frontman Tunde Adebimpe told SPIN, “Ehhhh…we parted ways with them. To the best of my knowledge, they can ask about another record, but I don’t think we’re gonna do that. Um, yeah they did what they did. That’s as diplomatic as I can put that.”

The currently untitled album will be the fifth studio album from the band and the follow-up to 2011’s Nine Types of Light. The album will also be first for the band since the death of bassist Gerard Smith, who passed away in 2011 from lung cancer.

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