Vince Gilligan Joins NBC's Community, If Only for a Moment

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Vince Gilligan Joins NBC's <em>Community</em>, If Only for a Moment

Imagine my excitement when I read the following page title at Hollywood Reporter: “Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan Heads to Community.” Whoa, I thought, that seems like an odd and interesting fit! Will the Breaking Bad creator just direct? Will he write? Will this start a spectacular ego war between he and Dan Harmon? Will he get Bryan Cranston on board to play the dean? Would Bryan Cranston even agree to that?

It turns out, though, that he’ll be guest starring in a season five episode as a “smooth-talking gold digger who who winds up exacerbating a fight between Annie and Abed.” (Description courtesy of EW.) His episode is being filmed this week, and will air in late winter or spring. Still very cool, just not as crazy. (Just be thankful we didn’t set you up with another misleading headline. I begged my editor for permission to trick the readers.)

With Dan Harmon at the helm, Community’s season five guest roster is fairly star-studded. Jonathan Banks will be following Gilligan from Breaking Bad (he played Mike Ehrmantraut), and we’ll also get to see luminaries like Tim Heidecker, Mitchell Hurwitz, John Oliver, Ben Folds and Walton Goggins (aka Justified’s Boyd Crowder, a.k.a. the best character currently on television).

Community definitely lost is mojo without Harmon in season four, but now he’s back as executive producer, and he’s trying like hell to prove his baby isn’t dead. If nothing else, he’ll drown us in a flood of talented, funny people, and there are worse ideas than that.