Watch M.I.A. on Fallon

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Watch M.I.A. on <i>Fallon</i>

In support of her new album Matangi, M.I.A. made her first late-night television stop last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The singer performed a new song with the Roots and sat down for an interview with Fallon to share her embarrassing story on the first time she met the band.

“I walked into this club in Japan and was trying to be really cool. I saw them [The Roots], and they basically sat in a line at the back and I was trying to make my way over there to say ‘Hi.’ I felt like I was DMX in the intro of Belly, walking across the club in slow-motion, and then smack!, walked straight into a glass wall.”

“That was the coolest fall of all time,” ?uestlove said.

The Roots gave M.I.A. a chance at redemption by accompanying the singer for her performance of “Come Walk With Me,” off Matangi. Check out the interview below.