The National Releases Gravy-Soaked Video for Bob's Burgers Track "Sailors in Your Mouth"

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The National Releases Gravy-Soaked Video for <i>Bob's Burgers</i> Track "Sailors in Your Mouth"

Between their continued involvement with Bob’s Burgers and their appearance on an episode of The Mindy Project earlier this year, the members of The National seem determined to let audiences know that, despite the heavy nature of their songwriting, they do indeed have a sense of humor.

Case in point: The band has released a cover of “Sailors in Your Mouth,” a playful ditty that appeared on Sunday’s Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers. Appropriately, Matt Berninger and Co. promptly re-imagine the song as a somber ballad that honors that delectable cornerstone of any Thanksgiving meal: gravy.

It’s the second Thanksgiving-themed track the band has contributed for the show. Last year, it released an equally melancholy cover of a song originally sung by family matriarch Linda.

To make things all the sweeter, the show has now released an animated music video for the song. Head over to EW to witness it for yourself.