Poll Shows iPad at Top of Black Friday Sales

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Poll Shows iPad at Top of Black Friday Sales

Shoppers lined up this Black Friday to take advantage of the many discounts that stores offered for the retail holiday. However, the Apple iPad surpassed all other items that shoppers purchased this year according to an InfoScout analysis of last week’s Black Friday sales.

InfoScout interviewed 3,000 Target shoppers on Black Friday and Thanksgiving. They found that the top three products that Target sold that day were all iPads, which comprised 18 percent of the retail chain’s total sales (while Apple products comprised 22 percent of its early sales).

This was more than 10 times greater than the chain’s sale of Android tablets, the Venture Beat reports. The top 30 products sold on Black Friday were all consumer electronic devices.

Check out InfoScout’s chart of the highest-selling Black Friday products below.