Atlanta "Beatles vs. Stones" Event Set to Help Fight Poverty

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Atlanta "Beatles vs. Stones" Event Set to Help Fight Poverty

In what is perhaps the most disputed and ongoing debate in music, one event is set to (attempt to) end the dispute once and for all.

The show, aptly titled Beatles vs. Stones, will feature 13 bands competing with covers of three songs of their choice from either The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

Featured acts performing at the show include: Bobby Bare, Jr., Please PleaseRock Me, The Shadowboxers, The District Attorneys, The Jagged Stones, Eliot Bronson, GuruFish, Seven Handle Circus, The Dammages, An English Place, Back on the Freakout, Faded Bill and Johnny Clash.

The event is sponsored by Lenz and local Atlanta station 97.1 The River, and all proceeds are going to benefit Poverty is Real, an Atlanta-based, non-profit organization aimed at taking down poverty and homelessness in the area.

Lenz president Richard J. Lenz said “The Beatles vs. Stones event captures so much of what our company is about. We get to have fun promoting an important cause, and hear some great music in the process!”

The Beatles  vs. Stones showdown is set to take place Dec. 13 at The Loft in Atlanta. For more information, check out the event’s website here.