Beyoncé Sells 828,773 Albums in Three Days

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Beyoncé Sells 828,773 Albums in Three Days

Beyoncé surprised her fans last Friday with the mysterious release of her self-titled fifth studio album. Beyoncé-ites(?) returned the favor over the weekend by buying up 828,773 copies worldwide (617,213 domestically).

Released exclusively through iTunes, Beyoncé hoped that releasing her unscheduled album without any announcement might deter people from leaking the record online and avoid it being pirated.

“You have to be innovative. The internet has changed the game. You’ve got to look at how to address the fact that most artists’ albums leak before their release plans,” said Lee Ann Callahan-Longo, general manager of Beyoncé’s production company, Parkwood Entertainment.

Beyoncé has already broken the first-week digital sales record for an album in the United States, and is scheduled to go platinum in under a week. If you’re too lazy to do the math: 828,773 copies x the price of her album ($15.99) = $13,252,080.27. And it’s only Monday.