By the Beard of Zeus! Ron Burgundy Releases a Scotch

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By the Beard of Zeus! Ron Burgundy Releases a Scotch

Forget action figure tie-ins to movies, The Anchorman 2 has perhaps the greatest merchandizing concept of all time: Now you can drink Ron Burgundy’s scotch.

According to the Drinks Business, Riviera Imports announced that it is now distributing Great Oden’s Raven Special Reserve, a 60 percent malt, 40 percent grain scotch blended in Scotland by Old St. Andrews Distillery. The Anchorman already has his own flavor of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and he shills cars for Dodge, so it’s only natural that Burgundy brings to the world his favorite indulgence, “Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch.”

Other potential merchandizing ideas for future Anchorman installments: Baxter’s Rawhide Flavored Pet Retainer, Fantana’s Sex Panther cologne and Veronica Corningstone’s “Smelly, Pirate Hooker” Halloween costume.

According to early tasting notes, Great Oden’s Raven has a smooth mouth feel with just a hint of misogyny, and pairs well with thick mustaches and maroon suits. A bottle will run you about $25, a small price to pay for the respect of your contemporaries.