The Daily Bugle Launches Tumblr Ahead of Amazing Spider-man 2

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<i>The Daily Bugle</i> Launches Tumblr Ahead of <i>Amazing Spider-man 2</i>

The trailer for The Amazing Spider-man 2 was released today and it was filled with all sorts of surprises and Easter eggs.

Offering a closer look at Spider-man’s newest enemies, this film will include Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti) and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). Fans were also given a brief glimpse at some very interesting items at the OSCORP offices: two glass windows showcasing Doc Oc’s arms and Vulture’s wings. This reveal somewhat confirms fan rumors that the series might be building to the “Sinister Six,” a supergroup of Spider man’s worst foes.

The trailer also flashed this shot of Spider-man swinging past a building with the advertisement “Follow The Daily Bugle On Tumblr.” Sure enough, there is an entire Tumblr dedicated to the fictional newspaper. The site reads like an actual news page would and features a variety of news stories meant to help set the foundation for the upcoming film. The first story, “What Is Next For The NYPD?” features a report following the fight between Spider-Man and Lizard (Dr. Connors).

The rest of the page is filled with stories about Spider-Man, OSCORP, a criminal trial for Dr. Conners and vague articles related to Electro and Rhino. Creating a page down to every last detail, each story is written by an actual Daily Bugle writer from the original comic book series. There are stories from Joy Mercado), Ned Leeds), Dilbert Trilby), Izzy Bunsen) and an editorial from J. Jonah Jameson) himself. More stories are sure to follow leading up to the release of the film May 2, 2014.

Check out The Daily Bugle Tumblr page here.