Designer Creates Line of Shoes Inspired by Ex-Lovers

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Designer Creates Line of Shoes Inspired by Ex-Lovers

Photo via Sebastian Errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz is a designer and artist with an international education whose portfolio holds everything from a New York cemetery to this awesome taxidermy duck lamp. His latest creation, “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers,” features one-of-a-kind high heel sculptures accompanied by short narratives describing his experiences with previous lovers.

Each shoe is a striking visual representation of an ex, and so far, only six of the 12 have been released. There’s “Honey” Natasha, a bright-yellow wedge covered in honeycomb texture devoted to a girl the artist broke up with because he “couldn’t get used to being treated so nicely.” “Cry Baby” Alexandra is a milk-white wedge devoted to a girl who used him for revenge break-up sex. “Gold Digger” Alison is a round-toed pump with a tiny man holding the weight of the woman at the heel.

On the most basic level, the shoes are quite simple in design. So far, the designer has used two very common shoe shapes—the pump and the wedge—and let the narratives attached to the project do much of the speaking. However it’s still an intriguing look at how fashion, design and love can be used in the creation of a short retrospective.

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