EVERYBODY, QUICK: The First GAME OF THRONES Season Four Footage!

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EVERYBODY, QUICK: The First <em>GAME OF THRONES</em> Season Four Footage!

Okay, maybe “footage” is a strong word for the Game of Thrones crumbs that HBO scattered to us mere mortals in their year-end trailer (that’s a thing, I guess?). But still, it’s actual content from season four, and that’s a brand new development. The brief, tantalizing look at what’s to come begins at the 1:38 mark of the video:


So glorious, and yet gone so soon! Let’s prolong the moment and take a closer look at those five shots, shall we?

1. Someone is charging at a wall!



Using a unicorn’s horn as a spear?

2. Tyrion in chains!



Man, he looks grumpy, right?

3. Joffrey at his wedding looking like a dick!



I wonder if anything important happens there…

4. Jaime Lannister with a golden hand studying a book!



Redemption storyline, commence! (Plus, potential ghost in the background.)

5. Sansa in awe at…something!



Whatever she sees, she’s really digging it. Good to see her happy again.

And that’s basically how we all feel, right? We’re not really sure what we’re seeing quite yet, but we can’t help grinning. And the good news is, there’s not much longer to wait; if the first three seasons are any indication, season four will premiere in late March or early April.