Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond Set for Jan. 29 Premiere on BBC America

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Before the countless Bond novels, films and the fans that would follow pop culture’s most suave spy, there was the the man who put some of his own experiences to the page: Ian Fleming.

After his time in Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division, Fleming penned Casino Royale, his first James Bond novel, in 1952. He’d go on to write 12 more through 1964 and would be one of the best-selling British authors of all time. Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond, a new series by BBC America, follows the writer’s early years where he “is untroubled by the specter of impending war – chasing women, collecting rare books and living off his family fortune.” Fleming finds purpose during the war after being recruited to the Naval Intelligence Division, and an international hero is born, at least in the author’s own head.

Dominic Cooper, who is featured in the latest Captain America installment, will play Fleming around the start of World War II for a four-part miniseries for BBC America. The series was directed by Mat Whitecross, who has worked on Road to Guantanamo. Laura Pulver, who has appeared in Sherlock and True Blood, will play Fleming’s love interest, Ann O’Neil.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond is set to make its premiere on Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. EST on BBC America’s Dramaville.

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