House of Cards Season Two Trailer: Wild, Hyperbolic, Maybe Laughable?

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<em>House of Cards</em> Season Two Trailer: Wild, Hyperbolic, Maybe Laughable?

Forget everything you knew about the Netflix original drama House of Cards, folks. Because judging by the season two trailer, released last night, life in Francis Underwood’s D.C. is about to get crazy. We’ve got MURDER and INTRIGUE and PLOTTING and STYLE and OMINOUS DRUMS and TWO GIRLS KISSING EACH OTHER and THE MCPOYLE BROTHER FROM IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA BARKING LIKE A DOG FOR SOME REASON. Watch for yourself:


And you thought Kevin Spacey was sinister last year! In truth, I can’t tell whether this trailer is badass or just comically bad. It almost seems like Netflix is trying to beat us over the head with a paranoid schizophrenic’s vision of how power works in our country. House of Cards was a fun, borderline-guilty-pleasure binge experience last season, but it devolved into a kind of bizarre hysteria by the final few episodes. If this trailer is any indication, season two is skipping the build-up and heading straight for self-parody. It’s hard to avoid smirking a little when Spacey puts on his best portentous southern accent and says, “the road to power is paved with hypocrisy…and casualties.” But hey, I’ll save final judgment for the actual show, which returns on Feb. 14. Just in time for me to queue it up on Netflix and tell my wife I bought her the dvd for Valentine’s Day.