Howler Regrets to Inform You that LP2 is on the Way

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Howler Regrets to Inform You that LP2 is on the Way

In a (somewhat) mean-spirited, albeit humorous announcement, Minneapolis garage-rock band Howler has revealed its second album is currently in the works.

Howler took to their Facebook page yesterday to break the news in what looked like a breakup announcement.


An update for our fan:

We truly, truly appreciate you for buying our first EP and LP and supporting us so extensively. It’s truly amazing to us all that you like our music so much. All the live shows, all the parties, all the money. We can’t begin to express how indebted we are to you. It means so dang much. Thanks for everything. UNFORTUNAtly, with a very heavy heart, we must tell you that due to mounting pressure from the label and our rapidly deteriorating mental health…This isn’t easy for any1 of us but…our new record is COMING OUT SOON. TEHEhehHEeh. As the late, gr8 Jimm Morrison, from the critically acclaimed hippy butt rock band, “The Doors” once said, P*E+A>C?E”

The currently untitled second album from Howler will serve as the follow-up to the bands’s 2012 album America Give Up.

Last year, Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith told Paste: “I’d say it’s more like the Yardbirds, even a bit psychedelic. I’m really into The Rolling Stones’ more psychedelic records like Between the Buttons, Aftermath, Their Satanic Majesties Request. And also a lot of early ‘60s crooners kind of like Dion [DiMucci] and Del Shannon just for pop sensibilities. I’m really happy that we did our punk rock record, you know, our America Give Up, ‘fuck it all this is thrash.’ I want to write music has more of a groove to it.”

The band has not yet released a specific time frame for when the album will be released.