LCD Soundsystem to Release Live Album

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LCD Soundsystem to Release Live Album

In April 2011, LCD Soundsystem played its final show at Madison Square Garden. Following an onslaught of hype and attention, the band decided to have the show made into a documentary, Shut Up and Play the Hits. Today, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Murphy has revealed that he has produced a new live album from the show.

“I mixed it significantly differently than the film [Shut Up and Play the Hits], because the film is mixed for your eye and the record is mixed for your ears,” Murphy said. “The film is mixed digitally, because you have to watch it in a theater and make little adjustments all through for a four-hour film, whereas the record is just mixed analog to tape, the way I normally do.”

Murphy also said that putting the album together “took forever, because I’m not really on a label anymore. We had to do artwork, and I was away, and I had to get clearances for everything. It was a real comedy of errors. I finished mixing it over a year ago, so I’ve been like [whistles].”

Murphy has spent his post-LCD Soundsystem life working on a number of both high-profile and personal projects. Most notably, he recently produced Arcade Fire’s Reflektor, as well as a tracks for David Bowie, Kathleen Hanna and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Murphy revealed that he was supposed to produce the entire album for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but due to time constraints and his commitment to Arcade Fire, he was forced drop the project.

Murphy has also kept busy working as a DJ, producing his custom sound equipment, and directing a short film alongside director Ron Howard. He originally planned to release the audio from the show back in March, but says “it’s probably going to be beginning of next year (2014).”

Check out a video of LCD Soundsystem performing “New York I Love You” from their final show at Madison Square Garden below.