Martin Scorsese Says Wolf of Wall Street was Originally Over Four Hours Long

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Martin Scorsese Says <i>Wolf of Wall Street</i> was Originally Over Four Hours Long

Just two weeks away from the release of his first major motion picture since since 2011’s Hugo, director Martin Scorsese has revealed new details behind the last-minute schedule change for his upcoming film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Originally set to arrive mid-November, Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street was forced to push its release date back to Dec. 25, following a number of setbacks post-production. No doubt trying to get the film released before the end of the year in order to maintain eligibility for this year’s Oscars, Scorsese opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about struggling to edit down the film in time.

“It was over four hours,” Scorsese said in the interview. “That talk about these ‘director cuts’—it doesn’t really [apply]. In the old days, if the [studio] took the film away from you and they made a cut and there was a director’s cut here and somebody found it—that’s a director’s cut. But a longer cut is a longer cut. There’s a couple of lines of dialogue I would’ve liked to put back in. [But it’s been] quite an experience putting this together in the editing room. For the past five weeks now, it’s been day and night, seven days a week, mixing, cutting, re-cutting.” After spending an additional month editing the film, Scorsese finally landed on a running time of 2 hours, 59 minutes.

Also present for the interview, star Leonardo DiCaprio chimed in about Scorsese’s editing techniques. “At the end of the day, no one’s going to prohibit Martin Scorsese from making the film he wants to make. The only conversations were about whether the film should be released at a certain date or not. Nothing else.”

Check out a new clip from the film where Jonah Hill quits his job to go work for Leo. The Wolf of Wall Street is out Christmas Day.