Homosexual Relationship Edited From U.S. Version of Morrissey's Autobiography

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Homosexual Relationship Edited From U.S. Version of Morrissey's <em>Autobiography</em>

Reports say the American version of Smiths vocalist Morrissey’s autobiography, released on Tuesday, was significantly edited from its original form. Details of his relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters, an important revelation in the U.K. version of the Penguin Classics book, have been minimized in some cases and removed completely in others.

A photograph of Walters as a child has gone missing, for one, and his name has been edited out of a story about a night out with Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde. According to Contact Music, there are many more instances of either complete or partial removal of Walters’ role in Morrissey’s life. The motive behind the changes isn’t clear, and thus far neither Morrissey nor the publisher have responded.

In less controversial and more awesome news, the audio book of Autobiography will be read by David Morrissey, aka the Governor from The Walking Dead. It will be released today, and we hasten to add that the two Morrisseys are unrelated.