Netflix Offers President Obama House of Cards Cameo in Meeting

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Netflix Offers President Obama <i>House of Cards</i> Cameo in Meeting

Netflix  CEO Reed Hastings has some pretty big ideas for its hit show House of Cards—namely a cameo by President Barack Obama.

Deadline reports that Hastings and other tech company CEOs met the president in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to talk national security surveillance programs and the problematic Obamacare website. During their meeting, the president asked Hastings if he brought advanced copies of House of Cards anticipated second season.

Hastings decided he could do President Obama one better and offered him the chance to appear on the show alongside Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood. While it’s wishful thinking that Obama will actually make a cameo, he did jokingly wish things in D.C. were as efficient as Underwood makes it seem on the show. You can watch their entire exchange above.

House of Cards will return to Netflix on Feb. 14.