Peter Jackson Says Tintin Sequel is Still Happening

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Peter Jackson Says <i>Tintin</i> Sequel is Still Happening

Lord of the Rings and Hobbit director Peter Jackson has confirmed that even after years of immersing himself in Middle Earth, he and Steven Spielberg are still making the sequel to 2011’s Adventures of Tintin—just not any time soon.

Jackson, who had planned to begin production on the untitled Tintin sequel earlier this year, has been too busy working on The Hobbit to focus on Tintin.

Talking to (via Coming Soon) at the premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Jackson stated that he and Spielberg will continue to work on the Tintin sequel after he wraps up things with The Hobbit. “As soon as I’m free of The Hobbit, I’ll be going back into doing Tintin. It was held up by The Hobbit, but we have every intention of doing another Tintin movie and it’s just waiting on me to be done with these Hobbit movies.”

While Spielberg directed the first Tintin film, he and Jackson will switch roles for the next installment.

With one more film set to be released in Jackson’s three-part Hobbit series in 2014, fans can probably expect the Tintin sequel to arrive around 2016.