SNL Holds Audition Looking Exclusively for Black Female Performers

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<i>SNL</i> Holds Audition Looking Exclusively for Black Female Performers

It looks like Saturday Night Live might finally be addressing its diversity problem. According to Splitsider, the show held an exclusively black, exclusively female audition last Sunday at LA’s Groundlings Theater, an event documented on comedian Bresha Webb’s Instagram. No official statement has been released, but a black female cast member could potentially join the cast as early as January.

With six new “featured players” this season, SNL introduced a lot of new talent this year, but with one (white, female) exception, every one of their hires was a Caucasian man. This drew criticism from many commentators, including SNL’s own Jay Pharoah. He personally suggested bringing in actress Darmirra Brunson, who was present at Sunday’s audition.

Of course, none of this means that a black female player is certain to join the show. But if one should, it sends a clear message about the power of criticism to provoke change, even at television’s most famous boy’s club.