The 30 Best Moments from the New Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer, Part Two

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A Wes Anderson trailer is always a treasure trove of hidden nuggets, hilarious dialogue, and visual gags, and when yesterday’s second Grand Budapest Hotel trailer was released, it was a cause for personal celebration.

And by “celebration,” I mean “total geek-out.” If you missed part one of my intensive look at the trailer, check it out here:


And of course, watch the trailer:


Now we begin part two, with moments 16-30. (And if you finish and find yourself wanting more, you can always go back to the original geek-out for the October trailer, here and here.)

16. The Great Monk Heist


I love how they clearly just stole something, but the monks all stare straight ahead.

17. “No! Who’d They Kill This Time?”


Guys, Ralph Fiennes is seriously killing me. I didn’t think anything could top the “zip it!” line from the first trailer (oh yeah, I geeked out on that one too), but this comes close. The way he emotes while clearly not caring very deeply about the man’s tragedy is just perfect.

18. Police Hats


Comically pompous and terrifying at the same time. With a fox motif!

19. “His Body Was Found Stuffed in a Sarcophagus”


Ed Norton has played a variety of roles in his career, but it’s apparent from this film and Moonrise Kingdom that Anderson sees him as a hyper-precise, almost prissy authority figure. And it works incredibly well. You have to wonder how Norton feels about that.

20. Deputy Kovacs Dies – Spoiler Alert?


Can you have spoiler alerts if it’s spelled out in the trailer? Here’s Goldblum stuffed inside the aforementioned sarcophagus (I love that his murderer took the time to cross his arms, move his glasses and close his eyes). We learned yesterday that he was on the trail of something vague and mysterious, and clearly he met a cruel end when he got too close to the truth.

21. “He Was Short Four Fingers”


So good. Nobody beats Anderson for the hilarious visual gag coupled with revealing camera movements. Best line of the police report: “Fingers themselves not yet located and believed to be have been deliberately removed (possibly by killer).”

22. Who’s That Wearing Brass Knuckles?


With Wes, it’s all in the details. I’m not sure I’d want to be inside his brain due to the clear obsessive nature (though there does appear to be a good amount of whimsy), but I’m glad we get to see the product.

23. “Tell Him Jopling Says…Come Home.”


Haven’t seen the film, don’t need to—Willem Dafoe as J.G. Jopling is my favorite movie villain of all time. Also, love the tattered clothing on the clothes line in the background.

24. “Pretty Picture”


Attentive viewers will remember that this picture appeared behind the desk at the Grand Budapest earlier in the trailer, in a scene that I believe was meant to be in the future. It’s called “Boy With Apple,” and it was bequeathed to Gustav H. (Fiennes) when Tilda Swinton’s character dies. And Adrien Brody’s character was not happy. So we’re getting some of the plot, bit by bit.

25. Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis


Blaise Alexander Desgoffe was a French still life painter who often worked with fruit, which is almost certainly the origin of this name. Also, and more importantly, I think Brody edges Norton for best ‘stache.

26. “I Can Barely Steer”


And yet, from this overhead shot of the quick veer to the right, he does a remarkable job at top speed. If I’m not mistaken, and I don’t believe…I’m…not?...this is Wes returning to the stop-motion animation from Fantastic Mr. Fox.

27. “Tell No One…He’ll Explain Everything”



28. Mendl’s Gift Boxes are the Best Gift Boxes


There’s the gift box we see in the jail earlier in the trailer, when Gustav and Ludwig are planning their big caper. I bet that box has the sweetest sweets. Or a shiv for Gustav to use later. And somehow, I bet that Bible is hollowed out too.

29. “What Happened Is I Beat The Living Shit Out of a Sniveling Little Runt Called Pinky Bandinsky”


Ralph Fiennes  is destined to be the funniest character in the gigantic oeuvre of Wes Anderson’s funny characters. He’s even going to be Eli Cash. I know, I know—that’s crazy. But I am all in on Gustav H.

30. “He’s Actually Become a Dear Friend.”


RALPH. FIENNES! (At this point, I’m just running around my room waving my hands in the air and shouting.)

The film won’t be released until March 7, but I still think The Grand Budapest Hotel is the front runner for the best picture…this year.

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