The Five Best Things That Happened on the Jimmy Fallon SNL

Comedy Features Jimmy Fallon
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The Five Best Things That Happened on the Jimmy Fallon <i>SNL</i>

Fallon and JT. JT and Fallon. How could this not be incredible? Two of showbiz’s most versatile entertainers teamed up to take down this Christmas-themed episode of SNL, but they had plenty of star power helping them out. Cameos included Madonna, Barry Gibb, Michael Bloomberg, Chris Rock (kind of) and Paul McCartney, who joined Fallon during his monologue to help him sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” There was snow falling and it was a sweet moment, but it didn’t even crack out five best moment from the episode. Sorry Sir Paul.

5. Chris Rock Inexplicably Starring in the Send-Off

Chris Rock  didn’t appear in any of the episode’s sketches, but when it was time to say goodbye he was front and center locking arms with Timberlake and Michael Bloomberg, who made a Weekend Update cameo.


4. Madonna Puts in a Grill on The Barry Gibb Talk Show

Fallon and Timberlake reprised their takes on Bee Gees brothers Barry and Robin Gibb for a new edition of The Barry Gibb Talk Show. There was disco, there was politics, there was Fallon’s portrayal of a no-nonsense, volatile Barry Gibb trying to negotiate the fine line between hard-hitting political commentary and funkiness. The guests were Megyn Kelly (Cecily Strong), Paul Ryan (Taran Killam) and the real life Madonna. There was a weird moment when Madonna got “out of line” and then awkwardly reached in her pocket, put a gold grill on her teeth and stared down Fallon into submission. It was the episode’s weirdest moment involving Madonna until she flexed her bare forearms while helping Fallon introduced JT’s first musical set.

3. Baby, It’s Cold Outside So Stay for a Warm 12 Minutes Then Leave

This touching sketch begins with Fallon and Strong singing and acting out “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” with Fallon trying to convince Strong to stay warm in their snow-bound cabin…Then we get the “12 Minutes Later” aftermath as a now-satisfied Fallon tries to convince Strong that it’s not so bad and that she should in fact get the hell out. But Strong is already imagining getting breakfast in the morning and spending the next day together. It’s a hilarious premise, and ends on a surprisingly heart-warming note as they agree to stay together and give it a shot. Awww!

2. ”(Do It On My) Twin Bed”

Another killer fake music video, this time featuring SNL’s female players enthusiastically detailing how they’re not afraid to get it on with their boyfriends over the holidays despite the presence of family members, embarrassing mementos from their youth and, of course, the twin beds in their childhood rooms. Towards the end we also see childhood pictures of the video’s stars, including Fallon. Big laughs.

1. Family Feud Celebrity Edition

Keenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey hosting a CBS vs. NBC edition of Family Feud that featured spot-on impressions of Jim Parsons (Fallon), Ashton Kutcher (Killam), Jon Cryer (John Milhiser), Alyson Hannigan (Noel Wells), Jane Lynch (McKinnon), Ice-T (Jay Pharoah), Brooks Wheelan (Brooks Wheelan) and, best of all, Justin Timberlake doing Jimmy Fallon and it being incredible. Aside from the impressions, the sketch had a bunch of great lines from Thompson (“Show me daddy’s wang!”), as well as Fallon breaking character because it wouldn’t have been a true Fallon homecoming if he didn’t crack an unscripted smile at least once.