The Five Best Things That Happened on the John Goodman SNL

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The Five Best Things That Happened on the John Goodman <i>SNL</i>

John Goodman  hosted SNL on Saturday…for the 13th time. Only Alec Baldwin (16) and Steve Martin (15) have been called down to deliver a monologue on the famed 30 Rock stage more. So yeah, this wasn’t amateur hour. Goodman brought an almost startling amount of energy to every sketch he appeared in, and was game for everything the writers threw at him (I repeat, everything). We shouldn’t have been surprised.

Take a look at our picks for the five best things from Saturday night.

5. Cold Open with the Fake Translator from the Nelson Mandela Memorial

As Pharoah’s Obama is addressing the fake sign language debacle at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Keenan Thompson appears behind the POTUS to help out SNL’s hearing-impaired viewers. When Obama mentions the healthcare website, Thompson’s translator mimes shooting webs from his wrists a la Spider man, when he says he’s “thrilled with the results”? What else, the “Thriller” dance. Makes enough sense. Topical humor is what SNL is all about, and this was a slam dunk.

4. John Goodman is an H&M Shoppin’-Ass Ninja

With the help of a inexplicably throwback-looking Jay Pharoah, John Goodman transforms from a clueless Christmas consumer, to a clueless Christmas consumer who can’t fit into a pair of jeans, to a styled-out H&M shoppin’ ass ninja over the course of one insane music video. Taran Killam as a selfie-taking Euro salesman and Nasim Pedrad leading a team of H&M dancers didn’t hurt, either.

3. Drunk Uncle’s Drunk Uncle, Drunker Uncle

The holiday season means it’s game time for the nation’s drunk uncles. Booze is plentiful, as is family to harass. After Moynihan joins Weekend Update to complain to Seth Myers about kids needing to know “if the tinsel is grass fed” and if they can get “quinoa with their spin class,” Moynihan’s own drunk uncle joins the party. Of course, it’s John Goodman. His best line: “All I want for Christmas is for my two neighbors not to be Chinese anymore.”

2. The Three Wise Guys

Stallone, DeNiro and Goodman, dressed in track suits and cheap jewelry. It’s The Three Wise Guys. Trotting on camels to witness the birth of Jesus (a Mexican?), they argue about what frankincense is (DeNiro: “It’s like a hair gel”), and gossip about the baby’s father: “Little Joey from Nazareth, all grown up. But I hear the baby may not be his.”

1. Goodman’s Whip Cream and Beard-Heavy Makeout Sesh with Kate McKinnon

This also qualifies as the worst thing to happen on Saturday night. Kate McKinnon was all over the episode, so it only seems fitting that she and Goodman consummate their time on screen together with the sloppiest of sloppy makeouts, built up to with some disgusting foreplay like “Lady and Tramping” a peanut that Goodman coughed up at the bar. Whip cream was also prominently involved. “My heart and my genitals say no,” says McKinnon. “But my hypoglycemia says yes.”