Today's Featured Artist: The Civil Wars

Music Features The Civil Wars
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Today's Featured Artist: The Civil Wars

During each day of of our 12 Deals of Christmas Sale, we’ll give away a product from one of our featured artists to everyone who becomes a member.

We kick off the 12 Days of Christmas by featuring The Civil Wars. Join PASTE.COM and receive the Civil Wars / Lumineers 180-gram, split 12-inch vinyl featuring each band’s full Daytrotter session. This is the first record in the Daytrotter vinyl Series.

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The Civil Wars  (Side A)
1. Birds of a Feather
2. Disarm
3. C’est La Mort
4. Oh, Henry

The Lumineers  (Side B)
1. Flowers In Your Hair
2. Ho Hey
3. The Dead Sea
4. Slow It Down

In 2011 we recorded a special session with The Civil Wars at the Newport Folk Fest. Not only did the duo once again showcase their sweet and charming brand of folk to their fans at the fest, but they also received the endorsement of songwriting legend Emmylou Harris—who brought the duo onstage to perform with her. Somewhere in between all the beautiful madness for them at the festival, John Paul White and Joy Williams stopped by the Paste ruins inside Fort Adams to perform a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Between The Bars.” Check it out in the player below.

And out of all the times we’ve seen them, their rendition of “Poison & Wine” from our 2011 SXSW party is particularly stirring. As Joy Williams sings lyrics like “Oh, you think your dreams are the same as mine,” you can’t help but think of the chilling, current relevance. Check out the video in the player below.

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