Watch Devendra Banhart's Animated Video for "Taurobolium"

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Watch Devendra Banhart's Animated Video for "Taurobolium"

The psych-folk songster Devendra Banhart recently released an animated video for Mala’s “Taurobolium.” The video, created by Galen Pehrson (who Banhart worked with on 2005’s Cripple Crow album cover and the “I Feel Just Like A Child” video), chronicles a bleary-eyed couple of ducks who find themselves entrenched in a bright and boisterous take on Hollywood.

The video, titled “Mondo Taurobolium,” vaguely draws inspiration from the “shockumentary” style film known as mondo that rose to prominence in the early 1960s. Mondo-T is a disengaged celebrity duck on a serious bender, voiced by Devendra Banhart, while his female counterpart, Gale, is voiced by actress Rose McGowan. The two deliver psychedelically infused voiceovers that tackle existential woes and downtrodden desires.

Director Galen Pehrson told Nowness that “it’s easier to trust an animal without scrutinizing its actions,” citing the animated animals the past as examples of this. Pehrson adopts these age-old tactics and morphs it into a tripped-out take on Howard The Duck that serves as a surprisingly excellent visual representation of Mala’s closer “Taurobolium.”