Watch Sesame Street's Cookie-Filled Parody of Lord of the Rings

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Watch Sesame Street's Cookie-Filled Parody of <i>Lord of the Rings</i>

Last month, Cookie Monster and the good folks at Sesame Street gave us their take on celebrated child-hunting trilogy The Hunger Games and today they’re back to tackle an even more ambitious project. In a sweeping, minutes-long epic, everyone’s favorite blue baked goods addict retells Tolkien’s classic fantasy tale as The Lord of the Crumbs, a faithful (albeit significantly more cookie-filled) adaptation that puts Peter Jackson’s measly films to shame.

Of course, with their reduced running time and budget, Sesame Street had to write out a number of characters, settings and most of the plot, but Lord of the Rings’ core message about waiting to eat your chocolate chips so you enjoy them more remains intact. As an added bonus, this version gives the story the single, conclusive ending that Tolkien likely intended to write: “Cowabunga!”

Check it out below, and take the journey to Mount Crumb yourself: