Watch Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt in the First Edge of Tomorrow Trailer

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Watch Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt in the First <i>Edge of Tomorrow</i> Trailer

Tom Cruise  will return with another sci-fi epic in 2014 in Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow.

Cruise plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage alongside Emily Blunt (Rita Vrataski), two soldiers fighting in a war against invading alien forces. The twist: both experience the same phenomenon of dying in battle, only to wake up alive one day earlier and forcing them into a continuous time loop where they relive future/past events.

The film, based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s science-fiction novel All You Need Is Kill, also stars Bill Paxton (Twister, Aliens ), Laura Pulver (True Blood) and Jeremy Piven (Entourage). Edge of Tomorrow is out June 6, 2014.