Watch the First Official Trailer for Godzilla

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Watch the First Official Trailer for <i>Godzilla</i>

Warner Bros. has released the first official trailer for the Godzilla reboot due out in 2014.

While many moviegoers mocked the studio’s attempt at another reboot, the film has a surprisingly promising cast. No, Matthew Broderick will not be returning to fight the radioactive beast in the latest film, but it does feature Elizabeth Olsen (Kill Your Darlings, The Avengers: Age of Ultron), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), Victor Rasuk (Lords of Dogtown), Ken Watanabe (Inception), David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck) and more.

As opposed to the 1998 version, Godzilla looks to be terrorizing the Pacific Rim, specifically San Francisco, as opposed to Manhattan. Check out the trailer above. Godzilla is out May 16, 2014.