Watch the First Teaser Trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

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Watch the First Teaser Trailer for Christopher Nolan's <i>Interstellar</i>

In July of 2011, NASA’s final space shuttle launch ended an era of the greatest expedition and adventure known to man. Space travel has dazzled and excited us as much as anything ever has in our country’s history. After news of director swapping and screenplay adjusting, today we found out that’s exactly what Christopher Nolan will explore in his next feature film, Interstellar.

The trailer that was released over the weekend gives us minimal plot points (and even less actual footage from the film) but instead teases us with the already rumored story of physicist Kip Thorne’s theories on wormholes and their relation to time travel. In the clip, we’re carried through the great pioneering of American space travel by none other than 2013’s breakout performer Matthew McConaughey, who will star alongside Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck and Jessica Chastain. Watch the trailer above.

Interstellar is set for a Dec. 2014 release.