Wayne Coyne to Bring Gourmet Chocolate Skulls to U.S. Record Shops

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Wayne Coyne to Bring Gourmet Chocolate Skulls to U.S. Record Shops

Starting tomorrow (Dec. 19), Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips will travel store-to-store across the Midwest selling reissues of the Oklahoma band’s 1984 debut Flaming Lips EP. The catch—he’ll also be toting a life-sized skull made out of “quite a substantial amount of high-quality, gourmet chocolate.”

The remastered EP will come on signed 12-inch green vinyl record with an edible skull resting on top. Inside the “hand-crafted, custom-made…anatomically correct” skull will be a gold coin that will allow the lucky holder entry into any single headlining Flaming Lips show. Coyne will also be selling a signed blue seven-inch vinyl versions of 1983’s The Flaming Lips 2nd Cassette Demo. Both pressings will be limited to 2,000 copies.

This isn’t Coyne’s first foray into the chocolate body parts business. Earlier this year, the band teamed up with a Dallas chocolate company to create delicious chocolate hearts with a USB mix full of Lips songs inside.

Check out the list of Coyne’s record store stops below:

19 - Nashville, Tenn. @ Grimey’s (4 p.m.)
20 - Louisville, Ky. @ Guestroom Records (Noon)
20 - Chicago, Ill. @ Permanent Records (8 p.m.)
21 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Vintage Vinyl (5 p.m.)
22 - Lawrence, Kan. @ Love Garden Sounds (5 p.m.)