Adam Scott, Paul Rudd Take on Bosom Buddies for Greatest Event in Television History

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Adam Scott, Paul Rudd Take on <em>Bosom Buddies</em> for <em>Greatest Event in Television History</em>

The fourth installment of Greatest Event in Television History, Adam Scott’s pet comedy project, aired last night on the Adult Swim Network. In this episode, he and Paul Rudd set about re-creating the opening sequence to the ‘80s sitcom Bosom Buddies, starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari as two men dressing drag in order to secure a cheap apartment in a female-only building.

As usual with Greatest Event, which was co-created by Scott and his wife Naomi, the bulk of the episode consists of a “making-of” segment leading up to the parody opening. Rudd opts for a Method approach as he prepares to take on Hanks’ role (though he doesn’t know what the word “Method” means), speaking in ‘80s slang and collecting period objects like a Rubik’s Cube and a portrait of Ronald Reagan. Scott is less obsessive, but he accepts Rudd’s intensity and allows him to live in his home to simulate the roommate experience. This leads to a moment of intense family strife in the Scott household, and I won’t spoil the climax except to say that it would have been the episode’s funniest moment were it not for pitch-perfect cameos by Billy Joel (his song “My Life” runs over the opening credits) and Hanks himself.

Watch the original Bosom Buddies trailer here, and then watch the full 11-minute episode below. Gillian Jacobs, Mo Collins, Aisha Muharrar, Helen Slayton-Hughes and Aidy Bryant guest star, and Jeff Probst hosts. The actual parody of the opening sequence begins at the 9:20 mark.



In previous episodes, Scott and friends re-created the opening sequences for Simon & Simon, Hart to Hart and Too Close for Comfort.