Aerie Bans Retouching in Spring Ad Campaign

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Aerie Bans Retouching in Spring Ad Campaign

Aerie, American Eagle’s teen lingerie brand, has launched a retouching-free campaign via Good Morning America to promote its spring line. The campaign, named #Aeriereal promises to feature only “real” models, sans the Photoshop and the impossible standards of beauty that go along with it.

“We’ve left everything, beauty marks, tattoos, what you see is really what you get with our campaign,” Aerie style and fit expert Jenny Altman told GMA.

Heavily retouched photos have received a lot of media backlash lately, especially within the fashion realm. Most recently, the feminist site Jezebel criticized Vogue for running a retouched spread of Girls star Lena Dunham, claiming that retouching her photos made a mockery of Dunham’s much publicized healthy body image. The site’s editors even went so far as to offer up a $10,000 ransom for the untouched versions of her photos, which they later posted.

Whether or not you view photo retouching as an art or an assault on healthy self image, Aerie’s new campaign is a step in more progressive direction. While the new ads will still feature beautiful women in their skivvies, the models selected for the campaign intentionally do not fit the super tall, skinny and also somehow still buxom mold of the average supermodel.

“I mean they do work as models. The difference is, these girls would never be cast as lingerie models,” Altman said.

See more of the campaign here.

Via Fashionista