American Apparel, Barney’s Branch Out With New Models

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American Apparel, Barney’s Branch Out With New Models

Photo via Twitter @americanapparel

Whether it’s a marketing ploy to garner more press attention or simply a response to public demand for more variety in the fashion world, major stores are breaking new ground in the realm of model diversity.

Case in point: American Apparel of the pubic-hair mannequin fame (possibly NSFW, depending on your company’s policies on plastic nudity), released an image yesterday of their newest underwear model: 62-year-old Jacky O’Shaughnessy, sporting a purple lace bandeau bra and magenta high-waist panties. “Sexy has no expiration date,” the brand tweeted.

American Apparel isn’t the only brand to make waves this week with unconventional model choices. Barney’s New York featured 17 transgendered models from around the globe in their spring/summer 2014 catalog. This isn’t just a victory for LGBT groups, but also a great platform to showcase talented models of color. Though it is a bit convenient the retailer chose this route after last year’s allegations of racial profiling within the store. Whatever the motive, the results are beautiful and a step in the right direction for the fashion world.

Via Fashion Journal