Big Boss Brewing Proposes Super Bowl Tailgate Tower

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Big Boss Brewing Proposes Super Bowl Tailgate Tower

The host property of this year’s Super Bowl has handed down a crazy-ass law for this year’s big game: No tailgating. I repeat, no tailgating. No grills, no lawn chairs, now mingling, no smiling…you have to stay within your designated parking spot, eat and drink inside your car (or maybe standing on the hood?), and spend any minutes leading up to the big game having a generally miserable time. Football without tailgating is like a strip club without poles. Sure, it’s possible, but what’s the point?

So North Carolina’s Big Boss Brewing has come up with an ingenious solution that will provide the opportunity to tailgate even while adhering to the venue’s crazy ass rules. If you can’t spread out and enjoy a sprawling tailgate situation the way God intended, then Big Boss says you should “build up.” It’s called the Tailgate Tower, a multi-level entertainment zone that (theoretically) fits on the back of a wicked big pickup truck. The tower comes complete with a mini tap room, tv lounge, and observation deck with grill. My favorite detail is the old school pulley system designed to hoist kegs to the top level of the tower.

Check out the video, then join the Build Up Revolution.