Bill Cosby Reunites With NBC for New Sitcom

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NBC has officially made a deal to bring back Bill Cosby for another run at a scripted half-hour family comedy, Deadline reports. The deal will reunite Cosby with the network that provided the platform for the 76-year-old’s highly influential 1980s sitcom The Cosby Show. Like The Cosby Show, the new comedy will once again focus on Cosby, who will play a familiar role as the patriarch of a multi-generational, upper middle-class African-American family while sharing his thoughts and reflections on the issues of marriage and parenting.

Cosby and Cosby Show producer Tom Werner had reportedly been ruminating on launching another scripted sitcom for a while with the aim of reaching a wider audience—a significant percentage of whom (viewers aged younger than 22) weren’t even born by the time The Cosby Show finished its eight-year-run. Hopefully Cosby will also soon revive JELL-O Pudding’s marketing campaign along with NBC’s ratings, bringing Pudding Pops to poor, deprived Millennials everywhere.

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