Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s New Music Video for "Run"

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Watch Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.'s New Music Video for "Run"

According to Detroit’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the band’s sophomore album The Speed of Things “focuses on the size and speed of the world today.” Judging by the official music video for their song “Run,” the world today is what we might imagine Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s world might look like through the eyes of Wes Anderson.

“I keep collecting stuff, my house is full of all I’ve acquired,” Epstein sings, as he looks apathetically upon a long table littered with various common (and gold-coated) house objects.

The tug of war between “order and chaos” dominates the collage-style, sexually charged narrative, which shifts focus between scenes of Epstein’s life, a wandering elderly sadomasochist, an apparent trophy wife and her young voyeur. Gold remains a central motif throughout, while distorted images of hands and mouths commonly accompany a shimmering, synth-supported hook that asks repeatedly, “was it good for you?”