Chineasy Tells Hooked on Phonics to Move Over

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If you are a visual learner and you have an interest in learning Chinese and language learning tools like Rosetta Stone haven’t helped you, London based entrepreneur ShaoLan Hsueh may be able to help you. Hsueh, who is a native of China, has designed a program called Chineasy which pairs Chinese characters with simple but brightly colored illustrations to teach you anything from basic words to phrases. The Chinese language is one of the hardest languages to learn because it has over 20,000 characters in it. Based on Hseuh’s research for her recent TED talk, you can learn up to 200 characters and be able to understand up to forty percent of the Chinese Language.


ShaoLan Hseuh put together a kickstarter and requested £75,000 in British Pounds (translates to about $124,370 in the United States) in order to put a team together to help her with her business. After Hseuh achieved £197,626 (about $327,758), she hired Brave New World and graphic designer Noma Bar to create the building blocks of learning the Chinese language. Her team researches the definition of each word, its origin and history and designs the illustration to effectively educate you with a visual standpoint of the Chinese character. A few of the basic words are available online with their corresponding illustrations and a pinyin, which is the audio for the pronunciation of each Chinese character.

You can watch ShaoLan Hseuh explain how Chineasy works and learn more about Chineasy here.

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