Comedy Central Greenlights Rob Lowe Animated Series Moonbeam City

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Comedy Central Greenlights Rob Lowe Animated Series <i>Moonbeam City</i>

Good news Chris Traeger fans, Rob Lowe is literally coming back to television with a new animated comedy. According to Deadline, Comedy Central has ordered 10 episodes of Moonbeam City, a spoof of ‘80s crime dramas starring Lowe as undercover detective Dazzle Novak. Other cast members include Elizabeth Banks as Novak’s overbearing police chief and Will Forte, who plays rookie cop Rad Cunningham.

The series is the creation of Conan writer Scott Gairdner, known for internet comedy videos like Beatles 3000 and Juggalo News. In response to the news, Gairdner told Deadline “I was hoping for 10,000 episodes, but 10 is a good start.”