Cooper Union Engineer Students Think Within the Box

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Cooper Union Engineer Students Think Within the Box

Invention Factory winners and Cooper Union engineering students, Chris Curro and Henry Wang have created an innovative and efficient way to improve packing and shipping. The new design, called “The Rapid Packing Container”, which features a box that can be packed in mere seconds and uses 20 percent less cardboard than a normal shipping box. It avoids the hassle of packing tape and box cutters by having notches and adhesive built in to close the box more efficiently. The container is also smooth to open, by simply pressing down on the box in one easy motion, which allows the box to deconstruct by itself for storage, reuse or recycling. According to Wang and Curro’s research, 100 billion cardboard containers are produced in the US, resulting in more trees with a future of becoming a shipping box. The invention could lead to creating a more environmentally-friendly packing experience for businesses that ship their products around the world. Curro and Wang currently have a patent pending for their invention. You can view more about the project below.