Craft Beer's Next Frontier: Beer and Wine Blends

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You may never have to choose between the house red or an ale again. Washington D.C. brewery DC Brau has partnered with local restaurant The Red Hen and local wineries to produce chocolate porter/Bordeaux mash-up, according to a report on NPR.

DC Brau takes a pinch of the tannin-rich sediment that wine-makers usually throw out, pours it into an old wine barrel with the beer, and lets the two mingle. The result is a porter with red wine characteristics.

Now that just about every brewery has a bourbon barrel aged program, it’s only natural that wine is the next step on the blending train. A handful of other breweries have already dipped their toes in the wine/beer game. Dogfish Head, always looking to push the envelope, has two beers blended with wine. The Sixty-One takes the popular 60-Minute IPA and adds Syrah grape must. Allagash uses two hundred pounds of Chardonnay grapes in their Victoria Ale. Even Blue Moon has produced a beer-wine blend in their Vintage Blonde Ale.

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