Twin Peaks Co-Creator Kills Revival Rumors

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<i>Twin Peaks</i> Co-Creator Kills Revival Rumors

Updated: Co-Creator Mark Frost has taken to Twitter to put “strange baseless rumors to rest. We’re upset, too, Twin Peaks fans.

Original Text: Laura Palmer, the famed Homecoming queen of Twin Peaks, told FBI Agent Dale Cooper she would see him again. In 25 years.

The cult TV show created by David Lynch ran from 1990-91, but was based in 1989. Twenty-five years from 1989? That would be 2014.

New information has come forth in recent days, as reported by Daily Mail and other sources, that Laura might come through on her promise.

A leaked casting-call for an 18-27-year-old Caucasian girl to play a waitress in a “Twin Peaks Promo” has made the rounds, and caused a stir of speculation.

While die hard fans desperately want this to mean a full and glorious return of Twin Peaks, the truth could be a lot less scintillating. A special anniversary edition Blu-ray set of the show is expected to release in the near future, leading many to suggest that Lynch is filming the “promo” for the set.

What does this mean? Details are hazy at best, with no real answers. Familiar territory for Twin Peaks fans. Paste reached out to ABC, but was unable to obtain a comment.

For now, fans will have to wait and see. Or hope that the spirit of Laura Palmer will pay them a visit to set the record straight.