Facebook Launches Trending News Feed Feature

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Facebook Launches Trending News Feed Feature

Facebook has officially launched its “Trending” section on its homepage sidebar, moving Facebook one step closer to curing this culture’s “fear of missing out” phobia.

The widget shows a personalized list of the most mentioned words and phrases of the moment with short explanations of why each is going viral, like “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Springsteen and Fallon jab Christie where it hurts.” Clicking the link leads to a page of mentions by friends, Pages and public posts by anyone who lets people “Follow” them.

Chris Struhar, Facebook’s Engineering Manager, said the product is designed to “surface interesting and relevant conversations” to better help users find popular content on the website.

“Our vision for news feed is to become your personal newspaper,” Struhar said in an interview with The New York Times. “We want to connect you with all the events in the world that you will want to know about.”

Trending is currently available on web in select countries, but is still being tested on the mobile app.