Indie Film Producer Ted Hope Named CEO of Fandor

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Indie Film Producer Ted Hope Named CEO of Fandor

Fandor, the Netflix of independent and foreign films, announced award-winning independent producer Ted Hope as Chief Executive Officer. Hope, who left his position as executive director at the San Francisco Film Society at the end of the year, will start his new job at Fandor on Jan. 30.

Hope—a veteran of the independent film community who has produced more than 70 films, including American Splendor and Adventureland—announced on his blog in Dec. 2013, that he didn’t want to produce films anymore.

“To do so requires me to deliver quantity over quality. Or to not contribute as fully as I like since I won’t be fairly compensated. Or to make something that is virtually guaranteed to not have the cultural impact it warrants,” Hope wrote. “Those are three things that I am refusing to be part of.” He said he’d still make films; it just won’t be his main job. Even so, his post left fans wondering what his next plans where in the film community.

Hope has been on Fandor’s Board of Advisors since March 2011 and will continue to use his film experience as a creator, curator, advocate and innovator to find and share independent content to the millions of fans who crave it.

“Our entire film culture remains structured around antiquated concepts of cinema, audience and engagement,” Hope said. “Fandor is part of a great systems reboot of this ecosystem, one that is as equally rewarding for the artist and the audience. Fandor offers film fans better curation and deeper engagement, making ambitious, diverse and vibrant film culture a sustainable enterprise for all participants.”

Former Facebook executive Chris Kelly, a member of the board of directors, said, “Ted has repeatedly proven his entrepreneurial talents over the years in making incredible films and articulating a powerful future vision for the independent film business. We’re thrilled to have him lead Fandor’s quest to remake the film ecosystem.”

Hope’s collaboration with Fandor comes as the company continues to grow successfully. Over three dozen new partners and individual filmmakers were added to Fandor’s service 2013, creating a library of over 5,000 films.

Dan Aronson, who founded Fandor in 2011 and is its current CEO, will continue to serve as the company’s CTO and on the board of directors.